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  • 240

    Distilled from the stem of Giloy plant, SATT Giloy Ark is ideal in treating chronic fever, diabetes, improving digestion and vision, reducing asthmatic symptoms and signs of aging.

  • 100

    Distilled from Gir cow urine, SATT Gow Ark is replete with a broad spectrum of antibiotic, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties making it suitable for a wider range of disorders. Being a fungicide and bio-enhancer, it stimulates the immune system, detoxifies the system, purifies blood and ensures a glowing skin.

  • 190

    Distilled from freshly procured Lehsun (garlic), SATT Lehsun Ark is ideal in curing common cold, whooping cough, prevents cardiac ailments, balances blood pressure and boosts immunity.

  • 190

    Distilled from fresh Neem Leaves, SATT Neem Ark is ideal in curing skin ailments, common flu and is an excellent de-worming Hydro-sol.

  • 240

    Distilled from fresh Pudina leaves, SATT Pudina Ark is ideal in gut cleansing and treating stomach ache. Cures nausea, acidity and prevents sunstroke effectively.

  • Out of Stock

    Distilled from fresh Tulsi leaves, SATT Tulsi Ark is ideal in relieving fever, protecting against diabetes, balancing hormones, lowering stress, improving respiratory disorders and is a rich source of vitamin K.