About Us

A group of families from across the globe living together as one. Individuals bound not by caste, class, religion or region, but one common vision.

About Us
A group of families from across the globe living together as one. Individuals bound,not by caste, class, religion, or region-but one common vision.
The Alternative

Story of Prosperity

We aren’t limited to customer satisfaction. Our aim is to form a direct bond with our patrons and invoke producer mentality in them. The simple reason behind this is, the only way we can avoid exploiting the planet and our fellow human being, is through production and then prosperity follows.



Satisfied Customers Worldwide and Growing...

Since – 2007

 Our Story

Till date, humans have not been able to live responsibly. What is the proof? Earth has become sick, and societies fragmented. What are we to do?

Our story started with finding a practical answer to these questions – A clear vision for a living model where we can live friction-free with one another and with the environment. The vision took motion. Words turned into actions. Thoughts turned into realities. In the beginning it was just a few families who shared this goal, then a few more… Recognizing our relationship with nature, we took responsibility to produce our basic physical needs ourselves. Food, soaps, supplements and more. We committed to using only the best natural ingredients and sustainable practices. It was becoming clear to others that we were onto something good. Families continued to join, bringing new skills, insights and a feeling of festivity. As part of a wholistic education for our children, we learned more about all the wonderful plants around us, and how to process them into our objects of need.

With experts from both Ayurveda and modern health science living in our community, we combined the top knowledge from the fields to create credible and effective recipes. Make, Use, Refine, Repeat. Through this cycle, products improved with each round. We established a quality control committee to structure this process and to set our standards. As nature’s generosity goes, we were able to produce way more than our own necessities. As an educational project, the youth of the campus took this surplus and created a brand. SATT.

Our sales started humbly with a cart, and quickly upgraded to a van, then two vans. Through this, many curious visitors continue to come to our campus and some have been inspired to live out this alternative model with us. 10 years ago we were a single family, 5 years ago we were 6. Now we are 30 families and rapidly growing. We are currently building a full self-sustainable town, where 100 families will be able to live, work and educate our children joyfully together.

We trust this town model will be an inspiration for people from around the world for how we can live ecologically, meaningfully, without stress, without friction in relationships, and without discrimination based on religion, gender, or age.  All of our earnings are re-invested into the society though our educational programs and harmonious living model. 

By sharing our products, we are sharing our story.

Our Future


A Universal human order free from divisions. Production not for profit but for sustainability. A Humane education – in tandem with reality and model of living which complements it.



Main Offices in Pivdai, Indore, M.P, India

Our Core Values:

Existence is Co-existence

Invoking Producer Mentality

Using Nature's Finest Ingredients

Being Unified & Universal

Key People

An enthusiastic team, motivated by the common goal of cultivating ideal human relationships in harmony with nature.
SATT is a by-product of our quest to make balance in nature and exploitation-free living. The key word is sustainability, be it with respect to the environment or societal relations.
We have banded together to get into the market and to put an end to the current exploitative, dishonest commercial system.
Ajay Dayma

Founder/Human Education Expert

Tarkesh Rao

Operation Manager

Ravi Sheshadri

Manager (Vinimay)

Samyak Patel

Procurement Head

Soumya Pandey

Product Designer/Photographer

Amit Pandey

Marketing & Account Executive